Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dizhynar to Designer

Desi+gner ??
"is it something to do with any desi stuff... ?" its my non dizhynar friend asking me... and i am like...ffuuuuuffhhhhhuuuuuu..... blank...with some tripped if someone has get into my head n pushing some thoughts to get free....laid back siting on my chair i am wondering "what is design yaarr?" all these years i call myself designer but still i can't justify ......why the silence runs through the nerve of designer before answering this question...... i am thinking and it the ambiguity of word design...hummm....can't say....aaahhhh!!
now i want to dig and bury myself in books, here i am starting my journey to get lose in world of authors, prefaces, publications,index,page numbers, letters, words, lines, paragraph, pages, sentences, pictures,colors,bookmarks...

"Beware Wet Paint"- Alan Fletcher

-Design is a style of living.
-Design is what happens between conceiving an idea and fashioning the means to carry it out.
-To be able to look at things in new or different way you have to hoover preconceptions out of your mind.

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