Tuesday, December 9, 2008

वाल ग्राफिक्स

TYPO Posters

" मैं चाय कप हू "

Me or चाय, do I have recognition without चाय. A hot boiling चाय in me and here I am off to meet my destiny

Think of a break! ideas, refreshment, argument, discussion, love, meetings I am always there

Blured vision, a hand holding me tight, makes me proud,freezing me in time

A peep for a sip, hassle for a uninterrupted vision, a look into his eyes,a hand holding me tight, he drank my soul

Shattered dreams, murmuring loneliness, only witness are चाय marks,every mark has a story, and every चाय has a me

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Virtual world is where I used to let lose myself and flow with the feelings and emotions of that minute which gave me immense power to express myself... I use to blabber, gossip, chatter, share, ... I was true to myself while doing all this... but never realized the person on other side of window is just merely an avatar with profile picture screaming yes that's me, custom message which portray false ideologies, status with merely red and green dots...... no eye gazes, no unspoken silence, no gestures... just these yellow smileys who can emote us....avatar as it clearly states is just a mask... How human can be substituted by a window ?
Lets first rely on human being made of flesh and bones rather than a window who is a hollow person an avatar...

Mind your mouth

My big fat mouth speaks all these shitty thing all the times, doesn't think of others....i can't control my own mouth for a sec....i act like a blabbermouth... is it mine or someone else's...
Brain sends statutory warning... "no you are not opening"... but some sudden punch open it wide apart and everything is puked out.....
It hurts when other do the same to you...i came to know today... and i thank god for showing me mirror.... as it is rightly said that "you wont realize it unless it happens to you ".....

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Itching in my brain

Weekend is gone. Now here i am again cribbing about the same.
Thinking not to think. Making commitment to myself that i will do something but that something took my whole weekend and still there is this unknown thought which keeps on popping in my mind, which leaves me blank and i keep on pondering for hours.
My thoughts are like stupid ideas which want to get rid of my head and flew away in this free sky where they can identify them self.
Freedom to do anything is leading me to nothing.
Why other people look so happy? are they not suffering from this itching ? why me ?
Loads of unsolved question keeps on loitering around which leads to emptiness...this itching is irritating me..

Friday, July 25, 2008

Food for thought

There are so many ear people and not many eye people - Damein Hirst
The eye is not satisfied seeing nor the ear filled with hearing- Ecelesiastics 1:8
Mind oscillates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong- Carl Jung


numbness of my thoughts..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dizhynar to Designer

Desi+gner ??
"is it something to do with any desi stuff... ?" its my non dizhynar friend asking me... and i am like...ffuuuuuffhhhhhuuuuuu..... blank...with some tripped expression....as if someone has get into my head n pushing some thoughts to get free....laid back siting on my chair i am wondering "what is design yaarr?" all these years i call myself designer but still i can't justify ......why the silence runs through the nerve of designer before answering this question...... i am thinking and thinking....is it the ambiguity of word design...hummm....can't say....aaahhhh!!
now i want to dig and bury myself in books, here i am starting my journey to get lose in world of authors, prefaces, publications,index,page numbers, letters, words, lines, paragraph, pages, sentences, pictures,colors,bookmarks...

"Beware Wet Paint"- Alan Fletcher

-Design is a style of living.
-Design is what happens between conceiving an idea and fashioning the means to carry it out.
-To be able to look at things in new or different way you have to hoover preconceptions out of your mind.

My foot..:P

Doodling myself in SLA class..hehehehehe..its fun try ..:P

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thirsty Child

Mother Africa is trying to feed her children but is sorry about her helplessness. The poster has the same intense feelings as that of the helpless mother. Breast feeding is one of the most selfless deeds on this earth,so making world aware of the extreme situation what Africans are going through is what this poster portrays.

Raise your finger

Awareness about the protection is the major concerns of the minute.Using the usual symbol in unusual way to hit it straight among the public was the intension of this poster. As this symbol is blindly used among the masses in their everyday life they can easily relate to it.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Rain: gather my soul

when all goes dry, she generously pours herself out in the form of million droplets of joy…bringing life to all…..at times when needed she does thunder….but soon calms down…sometimes she just prefers to stand behind the dark clouds mesmerizing and nurturing herself….i feel her within my soul

WhY am I tHinKing??

To start thinking also we need to think.. Have you thought about it ??? So i am wondering… “WhY am I tHinKing…??” This artwork is a insight of my mind…. Which can’t stop thinking… Within in a blink of eye it crosses ages and miles.. Can u stop it from thinking.. No…for that also you need to think….


Rise above the world so high like a network in the sky....

Thursday, July 17, 2008



Puneri Wada

Work in paper collage...
Interior in water colour

Sketched while traveling from Ahmedabad to Nagpur [bak home]18th April ‘08, Prerna Express


Night scene in poster color

Color riots

An experiment with watercolor...i just love the way the colors blend in water....

Do diu

A experience in Diu was used to make different T-shirt graphics which has the essence of Diu and which can be carried forward as a means of promoting Diu.